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Liverpool FC International Academy Michigan - Central

c/o UWM Sports Complex 
867 South Blvd East
Pontiac, Michigan 48341

Welcome!  When contacting us, please consider the following to help us respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.

For coaching related inquiries, contact the Director of Coaching Kevin Garner. 

For anything related to administration, contact the Administrator Karen Parker. 

For information on joining a team or tryouts, please visit our Season Tryouts page or contact the Technical Director for your child's age and gender listed below

To apply as a new coach, please visit our New Coach Application page.

For COVID Point of Contact, please visit our COVID Information page.

Andrew Wagstaff

LFC MI Owner & President

Phone: 248-790-9226

Karen Parker

LFC Michigan Director of Administration

Phone: 248-561-6018

Kevin Garner

LFC MI Director of Coaching

Phone: 248-495-1017

Jenn Perkins

Events & Programs Director

Phone: 248-390-3865

Danny Price

LFC MI Director of Operations

Phone: 810-986-7888

Kathy Judge

Marketing Communications & Social Media

Phone: 248-765-6331

Technical Directors

Simon Omekanda

LFC MI Central U7-U11 Boys & Girls Technical Director

Phone: 248-342-1775

Eliott Tarney

LFC MI Central Goalkeeper Director

Phone: ‭(248) 762-0691‬

Ben Jones

LFC MI Central U12-U18 Boys Technical Director

Phone: 517-755-8482

Sam Harrington

LFC MI Central Recreational Director

Phone: (734) 649-3167‬

Cliff Brandmier

LFC MI Central U12-U18 Girls Technical Director

Phone: 734-658-3820

Coaching Staff

Louis Barrow

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: (843) 568-5279

Thierry Bersot

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: 313-244-6765

Steve Cook

LFC MI Central Coach & LFC MI Ferndale Site Director

Phone: 248-761-9444

John Crum

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: (248) 775-9480‬

Andre Giorgis

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: (586) 933-3354

Paul Doroh

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: 810-459-0381

Andrew Harrison

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: (248) 212-0195

Michael O'Neill

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: (989) 964-7313

Lisa Jesse

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: 586-876-2767

David Veillette

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: (248) 396-0278

Emma Voelker

LFC MI Central Coach

Phone: ‭(248) 875-3567‬