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Congratulations to our players for their commitments to play in the following collegiate-level programs.

2021 College Commitments

Name High School University/College
Ella Bianca Detroit Country Day John Jay College
Garrett Collins Waterford Kettering Northwood University
Genevieve Crocker Waterford Kettering University of Detroit Mercy
Jesus Esquivel Western International Lawrence Tech
Sammi Gorzinski Bloomfield Hills Lawrence Tech
Mackenzie Guettler Bloomfield Hills Emory University
Matthew Lee West Bloomfield Lawrence Tech
Elizabeth Reginek Lake Orion Tiffin University
Sarah Soraghan Royal Oak University of Detroit Mercy
Brayden Stavros Saline Albion College
Abby Tripoli Avondale Albion College
Griffin Utley West Bloomfield Northwood University
TJ Withrow Berkley Spring Arbor University
Sean Rearden Waterford Mott Rochester University
Brendan Martin Walled Lake Central Schoolcraft College
Josiah Gorospe Warren Woods Tower Schoolcraft College
Alex Basmajian Walled Lake Central Schoolcraft College
Jack Gentner Lake Orion Edgewood College

College Commitments Honor Roll

Since 1995, Force FC and LFC Michigan have:

  • Placed more than 200 female and male players into collegiate programs in Michigan and around the US.
  • Had 4 female players go on to play with USWNT Youth Teams and 1 male player attend USMNT Youth Camps (U14-U18) both in the United States and abroad.


Player Name University Attended Years with Club
Sofia Farah Adrian College 1
Lilly Slavin Alma College 7
Julie Debus Alma College 4
Jordan Horvath Appalachian State 4
Hannah Crum Aquinas College 5
Jessica Leonard Boston College 7
Madeline Wideman Bowling Green State University 5
Amy Lindberg Case Western Reserve University 3
Dani Halewyn Central Michigan University/Oakland University 4
Jennifer Kendall Colorado School of the Mines 4
Lexi Brisson-Fast Cornerstone University 2
Chelsea Lindeman DePaul 3
Leah Schmidt Eastern Michigan University 6
Gabby Mancini Eastern Michigan University 4
Martha Stevens Eastern Michigan University 9
Rachel Rye Eastern Michigan University 2
Kate Frazier Florida Tech 3
Natalie Zimmerman Indiana Tech 5
Vija Veinbergs Indiana University 4
Allie Brodsky Kalamazoo College 4
Maddie Chilcote Kalamazoo College 1
Suzanne Miller Kalamazoo College 9
Paige Sambor Kalamazoo College 9
Sarah George Kalamazoo College 4
Alex Groffsky Kalamazoo College 9
Jenna Fraser Liberty University 4
Jenna Anderson Louisville/University of Akron 4
Irene Young Louisville/Western Michigan University 4
Kiley Transit Lourdes Univeristy 6
Caitlin Murnahan Mars Hill 7
Courtney Shegos Michigan State University 6
Kelsey Tait Michigan State University 9
Jill Fleistra Michigan State University 4
Michelle Herring Michigan State University 4
Michelle Herring Michigan State University 3
Annabelle Honet Michigan State University 5
Laura Heyboer (U18/20 WNT) Michigan State University 5
Camille Billings New Jersey Institute of Technology 1
Julie Shields Northwood University 2
Audrey Duncan Northwood University 3
Maria Zaccagni Northwood University 2
Jessica Langer Northwood University 2
Lauren Bos Oakland University 6
Emma Voelker Oakland University 6
Victoria Lloyd Oakland University 4
Erin Ring Oakland University 4
Stephanie Pilarski Oakland University 1
Laura Van Hoey Ohio Wesleyan 6
Jordyn Mackool Olivet College 2
Ana Gomez Olivet College 2
Catherine Anger Regis University 1
Shelby Watts Saginaw Valley State University 3
Jenny Goethals Saginaw Valley State University 1
Jordan Zang Saginaw Valley State University 2
Stephanie Heber Seton Hall/Western Michigan University 7
Lynn Neef Slippery Rock University 9
Kristen Abbott Spring Arbor 8
Elizabeth Doman University of Chicago 7
Natalie Kreiger UCONN/Iowa 2
Sarah Stanczyk UCONN/University of Michigan 7
Karsen Murray University of Detroit 4
Victoria Sollestre University of Detroit 9
Selena Stanski University of Detroit 2
Amanda Bowery University of Michigan 7
Emma Groffsky University of Michigan 6
Brittany Boeckel University of Michigan 8
Stephanie Crawford University of Michigan 1
Danielle Mazur University of Michigan 3
Jackie Carron (U20 WNT) University of Michigan 7
Ava Doetsch University of Nebraska Omaha 4
Chelsea Thompson University of Toledo 4
Lindsey Haroutunian Villanova/University of Michigan 9
Mikayla Duncan West Virginia State 4
Kellie Walker Western Kentucky University 1
Liz Abro Western Michigan University 4
Lacey Zahn Western Michigan University 4
Anina Cicerone Western Michigan University 3
Megan Ross Western Michigan University 1


Player Name University Attended Years with Club
Marcello Mancini Adrian College 8
Nick Watkins Adrian College 1
Zach Combs Adrian College 2
Chris Armstrong  Albion College 2
Christian Pederson Albion College 4
Joel Zaretti  Albion College 1
Michael Reitmyer Albion College 9
Benjamin Slavin Alma College 8
Joe Liblong Aquinas College 1
Kyle Alsup Case Western 5
Skylar Jeppesen Cleveland State University 8
Brandon Miotke Concordia University 1
Logan Johns Cornerstone University 1
Maclain Zaremba Davenport University 1
Jasdeep Singh Khaira Denison University 7
Brendan O’Shea Flagler College 1
Spencer Tredwell Heidelberg University 2
Ryan Hanson Hope College 6
Marcello Mancini Adrian College 8
Ben Kileen Kalamazoo College 7
Griffin Hamel  Kalamazoo College 7
Jacob Caton Lawrence Tech 7
Bailey Rudberg Madonna University 1
Parker Dreher Madonna University 1
Tim Bergsma Univeristy of Michigan 6
Chip Falkewicz Michigan State 6
Brian Lawson Midland University 3
Eric Lloyd Northwestern 8
Andrew Long Northwood University 5
Brendan Cooper  Northwood University 1
Kevin Carron Northwood University 5
Lucas Sammut Northwood University 1
John Timm Oakland University 7
Morgan Spann Oakland University 4
Ethan Garcia Ohio Wesleyan 3
David James Olivet College 2
Nick Guiglielmetti Penn State-Harrisburg 1
Bobby Hickson Princeton University 4
Zach Wyzgoski Princeton University 9
Alex Joneson Purdue University Fort Wayne 9
Colin Helmrich Purdue University Fort Wayne 9
Corey Keitz Purdue University Fort Wayne 5
Donnie Qfleshi Purdue University Fort Wayne 5
Alex Brown Rochester College 2
Carson Kollins Rochester College 6
Drew Neiwiot Rochester College 4
Martin Ivezaj Rochester College 2
Spencer Worden Rochester College 5
Jack Simms Saginaw Valley State University 1
Lorenzo Rodriguez Saginaw Valley State University 4
Nick Wright Saginaw Valley State University 8
Pablo Ortiz-Gonzalez Saginaw Valley State University 5
Cameron Waller Schoolcraft College 1
Nick Mancani Siena Heights University 2
Brandon Riddle Sienna Heights University 5
Collin Mclaughlan Sienna Heights University 4
Ricky Carter Sienna Heights University 4
Kevin Veeder Spring Arbor University 7
Brent Pederson The College of Wooster 4
Gregory Bogdanski Tiffin University 3
Imari Ramos Tiffin University 1
Aaron Byrd University of Detroit Mercy 3
Don Nakashima University of Detroit Mercy 2
Jordan Norfolk University of Detroit Mercy 6
Nathan Sier University of Findlay 3
Matt Habrowski University of Notre Dame 4
Miguel Fontecha University of Windsor 4
Robert Alionte University of Windsor 4
Micah Charlick Waynesburg University 1
Jacob Rubin Wittenburg University 8
Zach Hobson Wittenburg University 4
James Clarke York St John University (England) 3