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April Coaches Appreciation Month

04/29/2023, 8:00pm EDT
By K. Judge

A HUGE thank you to everyone for all the photos and messages that were sent in during April for Coaches Appreciation Month--It means the world to us and to our coaches! 

We already knew we had the best coaches around, but hearing it straight from our families is an affirmation that we truly appreciate. Our coaches aren't just incredible at what they do, but they are amazing people who care deeply about the game and teaching players to be their best selves both on and off the field. #YNWA

Coach Andy Palmer / Ann Arbor 2014 Girls
Mike Woodruff: The girls all love him. A real great, positive news for in their lives.

Coach Moses Mlotha / Ann Arbor 2013 Boys Pre-Academy
Robert Jaber (Samis): Coach Moses has been a great mentor/ trainer / coach and inspiration to the betterment of our team and Sami’s overall development. I have definitely seen the difference between last year and this this year Thank you coach Moses and keep up the great work!

Coach Matheus Morozowski / Ann Arbor
Bryan Guldi: I’ll preface this note by saying, since joining LFC International Academy this past winter, we have fell in love with the program! ALL of our boys coaches are amazing! Having said that, my boys have developed a special bond with Coach Matheus, he is SO good with them! Always focused, patient, encouraging, and able to provide meaningful feedback in a way that uplifts their spirits. I’ve included a couple photos of him with our boys, important to note, he is not our oldest boys primary coach, (that’s Jamie Black, while we love as well!) Liverpool is loaded with a talented coaching staff! (Photos of our GK Reed Boys 2012 and our high-energy 4 year old Finn)

Coach Jamie Black / Ann Arbor 2009 Boys
Keri King: Coach Jamie, Thanks for being a great coach. You help us improve everyday. I like that you like to hang out with us at tournaments. You are a great coach, friend and funny too! From Zane King

Coach Moses Mlotha / Ann Arbor 2013 Boys
Dane Peterson: Coach Moses is our son Matthias' 2013 coach. We appreciate his kindness to talk to parents and be open about life and soccer. He is genuine, caring, and knowledgeable. He has taken time to have conversations about our son. Also, Matthias has learned to work on receiving the ball in the air. As a teacher and someone who enjoys analysing sports and how to help others improve, this recommendation blew my mind - it hadn't crossed it haha. That was good to humble the dad, me, as not the expert, and be thankful for the expert coach : ). Matthias began juggling the ball more and trying to receive with the chest. Also, Moses taught Matthias to talk more. 3 years ago, Matthias stood in one place on the field and would not do much, even less, tell his teammates to do anything. Coach Austin then, then coach Minem last year (excellent help as well : ), and now coach Moses are helping him grow as a leader too and communicator on the field. Matthias likes the comments coach gives his team at 1/2 time. He said he explains what the other team is doing and what they need to do to stop their ball movement. It always works he said.

Coach Minem Vilece / Ann Arbor 2010 Boys Academy & 2014 Boys Academy
Robin Edison: Below is a picture of Coach Minem and two of my sons, Liam (2010 LFC AA Academy) and Grayson (2014 LFC AA Academy). Coach Minem has been the most influential person in all three of my son’s soccer development. My sons are three very different players, and he has helped bring out the best in each of them. He is the best technical coach in the area, and we are blessed to have him at LFC Ann Arbor. He cares deeply for his players even after they move on to other things. He is not just a coach to my kids. He is an adult who they trust and can talk to when they need extra support or advice. He is someone who goes above and beyond. We are so grateful to have him as a coach and friend. Thank you Minem!! - The Bursch-Edison Family

Coach Adam Spinks / Central 2011 Boys Pre-Academy 2
Alyssa Aguilar: Its hard to explain in just a few words how coach Adam has impacted my son, his team and how they feel about the game because of him. Coach Adam is truly a unique person. His love of the game, genuine care for the boys and their development as players, and his energy are unmatched. He has inspired a love of the game and personal drive for my son that are immeasurable. We are beyond grateful for him joining LFC and feel lucky that our son is in such amazing hands. He is simply the most amazing coach out there.

Coach Ben Jones / Central 2008 Boys E64
Sabrina Prevost: A big « hooray » for our coach Ben Jones. He is the role model my son was looking for to look for the extra mile during each practice and each game. As a parent I am delighted to see the connection Coach Ben has created with my son. He understands his personality and he knows what to say and what to do to bring the best from my son on the field. For my son he is simply the best coach he could have wished for.

Coach Andy Harrison / Central 2011 Boys Pre Academy 1
Michael Kratz: Coach Andy is a great example of an outstanding leader and coach. Thank you for all you do. #YNWA

Coach Simon Omekanda / Central 2011 Boys Academy
Tara Douglas: Rowan has been with Simon for 4 seasons. We appreciate him very much.

Coach Jenna Taylor / Central 2015 Girls Academy
Kari Bear (Andi ): Thank you Coach Jenna! You are such a great Coach. I love how nice and happy you always are. You always make me smile! ~ Andi Bear

Coach Steve Cook / Central 2013 Boys Academy
Kari Bear (Dempsey): Coach Steve, Thank you for being my coach! You are so good at teaching me new skills. You’re so nice and kind to me and you always try to get me back on my feet when I am down. ~ Dempsey Bear

Coach Danny Price / Central 2010 Girls ECNL
Kari Bear (Gracie): Coach Danny, thank you so much for all your time, effort, and support you have put into this team. I don’t know where I would be in life if you haven’t encourage me to be the best soccer player and person throughout the years. I’m very lucky that I have gotten the chance to have a coach like you! ~Gracie Bear

Coach Jenna Taylor / Central 2013 Girls Pre-Academy
Tyera Lovejoy: Thank you Coach Jenna Taylor for being an amazing Coach and mentor! We appreciate all that you do.

Coach Jenna Taylor / Central 2015 Girls Red
Penny Zhang: Christina has been with Coach Jenna for two seasons. We really appreciate her excellent coaching and support for the grow of Christina. Best wishes from Christina Wang.

Coach Paul Doroh / Central 2008 Boys Academy
Gretchen Mena: Coach Paul is exactly what a coach for our young men should be. Watching the boys develop as players through Coach Paul's knowledge, encouragement, & discipline is a real pleasure. He is more than a coach, he is a role mole and mentor to the boys. Because he sees the potential in each of his players, he motivates them to become extraordinary people by instilling in them a love for the game and respect for their teammates, opponents, and referees. Our boys are better players and individuals for having Coach Paul's example and leadership on and off the pitch.

Coach Steve Cook / Central 2012 Girls Academy
Andrea Lothian: This is Stella’s first year at Liverpool, and we could not have asked for a better coach. We heard only good things about Coach Cook, and the day Stella met him she knew she wanted to play for him. Coach Cook takes time for teachable moments at every practice and game. He is positive and cares more about player development than his win/loss record. Stella said she learned from Coach Cook it is not about winning or losing but working hard and having fun each game. We all appreciate you, Coach!

Coach Spencer Viksne / Central 2014 Boys Pre-Academy 2
Michelle Belke: We would like to recognize our son’s soccer coach, Coach Spencer! This is our son’s first year with Liverpool and he is not looking back thanks to Coach Spencer. He has been able to foster a strong connection with our son this year that has led to tremendous growth in leadership, personal skills, and confidence. It has been so much fun wanting our son play this year. He is always having fun out on the field. We appreciate you Coach Spencer!

Coach Cliff Brandmier / Central 2008 ECNL-RL Girls
Mya Chapp: Cliff thank you for always pushing me hard to make me a better player, we all miss you!

Coaches Lisa and Thierry / Central 2008 Girls Academy
Isabelle Escobar (player): My coaches Lisa and Terry meant to me the biggest part of my season. This is because they took an chance on me and told me I needed to work hard to help myself improve and to get better. They would always encourage and tell us to train when we could and would even recommend drills. And also Lisa specifically would always be telling me to take chances and to take the ball because she knew I could. I would always hear her encouraging me from the bench whenever she could. Terry also helped me by pulling me aside and telling me how I could improve my skills and help myself further. He would always mention what I did well and how much I have improved. Overall, they were great coaches helping me both to improve and believe in my abilities and skills. (2008 academy)

Coaches Kevin and Simon / Central 2009 Boys Academy
Kari Bear (Charlie): Thank you Coach Kevin and Simon for everything! I greatly appreciate all of your hard work, passion and dedication you give to our team. You have been with me since I was young and helped me to become the best player I can be. ~ Charlie Bear

Coach David Veillette / Central 2011 Boys Premier
Stacy Forsberg: Coach David has worked with the Premier team for several years now, and the team has developed well under his leadership. Coach David shares thoughtful feedback during player evaluations to help the boys grow, listens to their goals and looks for opportunities to assist them on their journey, and demonstrates flexibility to meet individual needs. David makes practices a fun learning experience, and he teaches the boys to look for the positive in every situation. David cares very much about player development, and he takes the time to get to know his players as individuals. Thank you, David, for supporting and developing our team!

Coach Simon Omekanda / Central 2009 Boys Super Y Team
Stacy Forsberg: Coach Simon always has a hug and a smile ready for both players and parents; his positive energy is a welcome addition to the LFC coaching staff. Coach Simon stepped in to coach the 2009 Boys Super Y team at the finals in Tampa last year against some very tough competition. He learned the team and individual strengths quickly, demonstrated flexibility in strategy from game to game, and encouraged the boys to do their very best all weekend long. Simon expects 100% effort from his players and sets a high standard, always coaching before, during and after games to improve the boys’ skills. Thank you, Simon, for caring so much about our boys!

Coach Adam Spinks / Central 2010-11 Boys Futsal Team
Stacy ForsbergCoach Adam did a fantastic job this year of coaching the 2010 and 2011 boys futsal teams. Many of the players were newer to futsal, and Adam was very patient and encouraging as he taught the boys futsal fundamentals. He made practices fun and engaging, and his positive attitude made this a great experience for our boys. We appreciate you, Adam!

Coach Laura Hamway / Central 2013 Girls Academy
Steph Erhard (Camryn): This is Cami’s first year at Liverpool after playing at a neighboring club. Cami didn’t know any other players trying out. Coach Laura welcomed her immediately and made her feel comfortable. Laura’s positivity, explicit coaching, and guidance has helped Cami continue to grow as a player at Liverpool. She loves going to soccer! Laura takes every play as a teaching opportunity, showing the girls how the play should unfold for optimal results. “If you fail at something, instead of yelling she shows you how to do it,” Cami added. “She coaches you until you have it.” We’re lucky to have such a positive female role model in our young daughter’s life. #grateful

Coach Danny Price / Central 2010 Girls ECNL
Steph Erhard (Aubree): Aubree was looking for an opportunity to play soccer at a high level. Coach Danny saw her potential and brought her onto the team this Fall. He has been very responsive and creative as a coach in his tactics, formations, and coaching practices. He is a positive influence with the life lessons he shares with the girls. He also has started practices by asking the girls to share something good that’s happened in the day to emphasize what’s going well. “After a play I make that he likes, he compliments from across the field,” Aubree added when sharing something else she likes about him. We are grateful for Coach Danny making an impact with Aubree on and off the field! #grateful

Coach Jenna Taylor / Central 2015 and 2016 Girls
Heather Gambone: We would like to recognize Coach Jenna from Central 2015 and 2016 Girls! Jenna coaches both of my daughters! She is patient, she is kind, and the girls absolutely love her. They do not want to miss practice or games because they know she is counting on them. Bryn and Summer both say “Jenna is kind and a great coach!”

Coach Josh Fines / Hartland 2014 Boys Academy
Carolyn Smith, Chad Furtick, & Greyson Furtick: We absolutely LOVE Josh!! We switched to Liverpool this past year from a different club because we were trying to find the best fit for Greyson…and we have definitely found our home team with Josh. Not only does Josh see the potential we see in greyson, but he consistently encourages him to live up to that potential. Josh is not just a great coach, but an amazing human being as well. We are so glad to have found him, and this team!

Coach Josh Fines / Hartland 2014 Boys Academy
Jeanne Young: Josh is an incredible coach. We have been fortunate to have Josh coach our team for the past two years. As a parent, I am most impressed with Josh's ability to build a culture on his team where hard work, teamwork, respect for their coach, teammates, and referees, and accountability are taught and valued. My son is learning so much more than soccer skills under Josh's leadership, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Coach Dan Price / Hartland 2012 Boys Academy and Site Director
Allie Ackerson: I have sat down numerous times to write a post about Coach Dan, but I always end up in tears and having to stop. Dan has been my son’s coach for numerous years now; first with a different club, and now with Liverpool Hartland after a merger. It has been fun watching my son grow under Coach Dan’s guidance and to see how Dan adjusts his approach and style to meet the needs of his team. I have vivid memories of him calling my son, “little dude” and “my man” when he was younger; and to now see him speak to Easton with authority and more responsibility has been a special transition to watch. Dan cares deeply about his players and their families, and respects that there is life off the pitch. While it has been such a blessing to watch my son grow over the years with Coach Dan, it has been equally amazing to watch Coach grow as well. Dan has not only grown as a Coach but has taken on new roles and responsibilities; and does it with a true love for his club. I think that’s what it is. Coach Dan loves what he does. And it shows.

Coach Lindsey Swope / Hartland 2016 Girls White
Jen Humitz: Coach Lindsey is a true gem in the soccer world. She has so much passion and love for the girls! The way she engages and keep this young team interested and loving soccer is truly amazing. We are so happy to have her as my daughter's coach! Thank you Coach for all that you do on and off the field for our girls!

Coach Dan Price / Hartland 2015 Girls White
Sarah Goncalves: While coach Dan hasn’t been with us for long, we sure have loved our time with him. He’s beyond patient with our girls (all 10 of them!) and it’s something we all envy about him. He strives to provide positive coaching both on the field and off the field, and truly sees the best in our girls. He always takes the time to ensure they feel good about themselves while providing great suggestions for improvement. We’re grateful to have him!

Coach Elliott Woods / North Oakland 2009 Girls Premier
Amy Kleinow: Coach Elliott has done an amazing job with the North Oakland 2009 Girls Premier team. He has in 6 months developed these players individually and as a team to progress from Classic to Premier 2 league. His ability to read the players strengths and his ability to help them build on their skills has been amazing to watch. These players have gone from the players that were not superstars to a "team" that individually put together has been a force to play against. Elliott Woods is a great coach and developing skills set, self confidence and what it takes to play as a team. This team is always early to practice and to games they truly enjoy being together.

Coach Elliott Woods / North Oakland 2008 Boys Premier
Sandy Encinas (Rodrigo): Thank you for, coach, for always supporting the kids as players and individuals. You've developed a team that feels comfort with each other and try their best! Rodrigo is in the right place!-Sandy & Arturo Encinas (Rodrigo's parents) Thank you, coach! I enjoy the games and going to practice. You're a great coach. -Rodrigo Encinas

Coach Tripp Sprague / North Oakland 2013 Girls Academy
Bethany Rocho (Tavyn): Coach Tripp has helped me improve in the sport of soccer in so many ways. I’m better at dribbling, working on the super sevens, being a better player on the field, and juggling. He has helped me find a love for the sport even more so than when I first started. I’m so grateful that he believed in me, and welcomed me to the 2013 Girls Academy Team! 

Coach Joe Adcock North Oakland GK Coach
Bethany Rocho: Coach Joe has taught me so many skills that help me be a better goal keeper. I’m thankful that he has private practices for goal keepers like me. I enjoy learning from him and have enjoyed all of the tips he has shared with me. Every time I leave goal keeper training, I feel more confident in myself! Thanks Coach Joe! - Tayvn Rocho, North Oakland 2013 Girls Academy Team

Coach Dale Stones North Oakland 2007 Boys Academy
Logan Fuller (player): Dale is the best, During our big tournament win the emotions were running high on the opposite sideline. The other coach had told his players to play dirty and they did just that. The whole game the coach was screaming at the ref, at his players, and at us... Telling his guys to kick the ball right at us when we would stand in front. The coach was ballistic the whole game. Then sure enough on the other half, you see Coach Dale keeping his cool. Only building us up. He kept coaching in a positive manner and at that moment my respect for him shot up even more. I am so proud to have such a mature coach. A coach who can guide you in the first couple of games he has with you... to a tournament win. A coach who recognizes when confidence is low in players and strives to build them up. I am super grateful to have Dale as a role model and coach in my life and I have never been more excited for the rest of the season. Because he has the ability to make us believe, no matter what the circumstance is, and I always look forward to practices because they're always such good sessions and everyone on the team is like a big family. So thank you Dale for being the amazing coach you are, I speak for all the boys when I say I'm pumped for the rest of the season! - Logan

Coach Jack Stockdale / North Oakland 2007 Girls Academy
Emma Barker on behalf of the whote team: Thank you Coach Jack, for making all of us love the game ! Helping us grow as individuals and a team and always making practices fun! We are so grateful for you to be our coach and help us continue our soccer careers. We couldn’t have been as successful without you, thank you!

Coaches Duke Kemjika, Tripp Sprague, Elliott Woods, Joe Adcock / North Oakland 2013 Boys Academy and Premier Academy 1
Vinnie Pacheco (player): “The first reason why L.F.C is the best club is because the coaches are all so nice. My coaches' names are Duke, Tripp, and Elliot. My goalkeeper coaches are Joe, Annabelle and Jack. You will have great coaches too. L.F.C is the best club.”

Coach Dale Stones / North Oakland 2009 Boys Academy
Karen Robison on behalf of entire team: Coach Dale cares about us a lot as players and as a team. He’s very relatable and a lot of fun to be around. He has a respect for the game that is exciting for us to see and learn from. We have improved as a team this year under Coach Dale. He is vested in each player, pushing us to own our individual goals. He also works with us to connect as a team so we can develop and grow together on and off the field. He even takes the time to send the team workouts to do outside of practice so we can continue to train on our own. It has been a fun season developing our skills while making awesome memories together.

Coach Dale Stones / North Oakland 2007 Boys Premier
Robert Katakowski (player): Shout out to Coach Dale- He always shows up at training excited to work and take our team to the next level. I'm grateful to have him guiding me, giving me helpful feedback and helping our team to always improve.

Coach Nduka Kemjika / North Oakland 2013 Boys Academy
Stephanie Jones: The 2013 North Oakland Boys Academy would like to say a few words about Coach Duke and why they think he is the best:

  • "He doesn't get mad and yell at us. If we make a mistake we talk about it and how to fix it." -Bruce
  • "He always encourages us through positive feedback to get better, work harder and always give our all." -Hendo
  • "I could go on for hours, where do I begin? He's so positive and open minded about strategies and unique ways of playing the game." -Cade
  • "He teaches us a lot of skills. He doesn't yell. He is calm and kind." -Daniel
  • “My favorite thing about coach Duke is he teaches us a lot of stuff at the right time, and he makes sure we still have fun while doing it.” -Zach
  • "Coach Duke makes soccer fun, he teaches us a lot and doesn't get mad if we make mistakes." -Alex
  • "He pushes you past your limits to make you better." -Rushie
  • “He is nice, and pushes us to work hard but also we have lots of fun. He helps me become a better player.” -Caiden
  • “He always encourages me and is nice to our team.” -Cooper
  • “Coach Duke encourages us to work harder and stronger. I like that he is always calm.” -David
  • “He encourages us to be a better teammate, a better player, and a better person. He makes practice fun and challenging. And he believes in me and helps me believe in myself.” -Vinnie

Coach Jonah Miller / South Oakland 2013 Boys Select
Katie Goodwin: Charlotte says, “She loves coach Jonah because he makes soccer fun. He always finds a fun way to coach us.”

Coach Jonah Miller / South Oakland 2013 Boys Pre-Academy
Maggie Strockis: “What I really love about Coach Jonah is his ability to make the team in control while being able to show the new moves that we learn. He really has helped me grow a lot in soccer. I really appreciate that and I can’t thank him enough. He has shown me how to shoot good, pass good, dribble in control, and do many different skills. He is able to be a serious coach along with being fun and nice about it. I love his coaching style. I appreciate him a whole lot, and have had a wonderful experience with this club.”

Coach Jonah Miller / South Oakland 2011 Boys Pre-Academy
Jennifer Willcocks & Team Families: “Coach Jonah has done an amazing job with the boys 2011 South Oakland team. He took this ragtag team of “rec” players from Royal Oak and Ferndale and created a great group of strong, dedicated and determined players. With his guidance and dedication the boys have improved their game ten fold. This past fall, Jonah coached the boys to an undefeated season and league title. He also coached them to a 2nd Place finish at the Hartland Haunted Invitational! He is always very supportive of the boys as a team as well as individual players. Thank you Coach Jonah for being such a great coach and role model for our boys!”


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