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Liverpool FC International Academy Michigan - Ann Arbor

Justin Makar

LFC Ann Arbor Director of Coaching

Phone: 734-476-2956

Jamie Black

LFC Ann Arbor Assistant Director of Coaching

Phone: (734) 277-1408

Catherine O'Neill

Site Administrator

Phone: (248) 444-5633

Minem Vilece


Phone: 734-945-8686

Tiffany Hansen

LFC Ann Arbor Girls Technical Director

Phone: 734-255-8211

Tommy McMenemy

LFC Ann Arbor Coach & Athlete Program Director

Phone: 734-255-1276

Jhojan Obando

LFC Ann Arbor Coach & Goalkeeping Director

Phone: 734-545-5654

Tim Bergsma

LFC Ann Arbor Coach

Phone: (248) 835-7147

Jason Clare

LFC Ann Arbor Coach

Phone: 763-249-5540

Seba Godfrey

LFC Ann Arbor Coach

Phone: 313-598-0298

Moses Mlotha

LFC Ann Arbor Coach

Phone: 734-355-0962

Austin Valentine

LFC Ann Arbor Coach

Phone: 734-751-4686

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