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About Super Y

Founded in 1999, Super Y is a nation-wide youth league operated by the United Soccer Leagues (USL), which is the largest organization of elite soccer leagues in North America. Affiliated with US Soccer, the Super Y League contains the youth academies of Major League Soccer clubs, USL PRO clubs, Premier Development League and W-League clubs. Divisions within Super Y are organized geographically, and membership in the league is limited to only a few elite programs to ensure strong competition.

Through the Super Y League, the goal is to provide our players with an experience that is unparalleled in youth soccer. The Super Y League shares our passion for player development and within our challenging training environment combined with competitive games we feel that Super Y provides the premium platform for player development. With the new Regional Scouting Series, partnerships with some of the leaders in youth soccer, experienced and professional staff, advanced player tracking, and offering the chance to compete for a North American National Championship, the Super Y League is the best operated youth league in North America.

Liverpool FC International Academy- Michigan (LFCIA-MI) is proud to be selected as a Super Y club, meeting the strict criteria that attracts the quality outlined in their league description noted above.

Here you will find links to information about the Super Y League, how it applies to the LFCIA-MI players, and links to the documents you need to get started with taking part in Super Y as a member of the LFCIA-MI team.

For any additional questions you have regarding Super Y, please contact Daniel Price, LFCIA-MI Super Y Director of Coaching at

What are the advantages of playing Liverpool FC Michigan?

Playing for a LFCIA-MI team has several benefits and our primary goal is to provide the premium platform for our players to develop and be identified. Players develop at a faster pace through the Super Y League system by playing and training in a highly competitive environment.

Listed below are more advantages of playing Super Y:

  1. Competition Level: LFCIA-MI teams will compete against some of the top clubs in the Midwest with the opportunity to represent that region at the North American National Championship Finals.
  2. Coaching Staff: Those teams will be led by nationally licensed and experienced coaches, who are dedicated to player development and are positive role models for our players.
  3. Fall Season Preparation: The Super Y season can also serve as excellent preparation for players readying themselves for the fall season, whether it's with their high school team or their own club teams.
  4. Affordability: LFCIA-MI teams provide a quality soccer option at an affordable price compared to the traditional summer soccer camp players often attended throughout the summer.

Who is eligible to participate?

LFCIA-MI teams within Super Y will be considered an "Elite" level of the club’s structure whilst remaining under the successful LFCIA-MI umbrella. We encourage all LFCIA-MI players and players from any other club (with approval from your club's DOC) to attend LFCIA-MI tryouts. Super Y teams are not restricted by state association "poaching" or recruitment rules, but we respectfully ask that any non-LFCIA-MI players discuss their plans with their club coach and DOC.

What is the selection process for Liverpool FC Michigan teams?

Players are selected to LFCIA-MI teams from one of the following steps or processes:

  1. Tryouts are held in January in order to create all of our LFCIA-MI Super Y summer teams.
  2. Current LFCIA-MI players are encouraged to attend tryouts for their birth year age group, or a year older (in unique situations only and must have approval of DOC).
  3. By Invitation Only. Coaches of our LFCIA-MI teams reserve the right to select any player to their team whether they were able to attend the tryout or not.

Coaches will begin to form their roster through the scheduled tryouts or by invitation only for all roster openings. Players who attend a scheduled tryout can expect to hear from the age group coach within 24-48 hours following the date of the tryout. You may be asked to either attend another tryout for further evaluation and/or coach recommendations may be sought for before an offer is extended. This process ensures that we try to assemble the best talent for each age group, but also do it in a timely fashion with respect to all the players involved.

** LFCIA-MI teams adopted the new standards set forth by US Soccer for small-sided games and birth-year registration in the 2016 season.

Please click on the link below for the announcement from US soccer regarding those changes mentioned above.

U.S. Soccer's coaching initiatives targeting improvement in youth development standards

How many players will be selected to each team?

LFCIA-MI SYL Academy teams may roster up to:

  1. for 9v9 - 16 players
  2. for 11v11 - 20 players

A player pool between 12-20 players is often created for Super Y teams; injuries and summer commitments (vacation, ODP regional camp, soccer camps, etc.) typically prevent teams from having an issue with too many available players.

**Coaches of teams that qualify for North American Finals reserve the right to add to their roster for the Nationals Championships in December following qualification.  

What is the cost and what does it include?

The cost for playing with a LFCIA-MI SYL Academy team during the 2019 summer season is $575.00 per player.  
(Coaches will at times invite players to practice with the team.  That fee is $250.00)

This fee includes:
  1. Coaching fees
  2. Coach travel/ lodging cost
  3. Director of Coaching salary
  4. Administrative costs
  5. All league, player and coach registration fees
  6. Field rental costs
  7. Referee fees
  8. 8-12 games against some of the Midwest's top clubs
  9. Potential opportunities to play up in older age groups
  10. Potential opportunities to participate (if selected) at the Regional Scouting Series. (Additional cost will be assessed by United Soccer Leagues should players accept the invitation)

Expenses not included in the program fees are:

  1. LFCIA-MI SYL Academy New Balance uniforms (Cost and order information provided at tryouts)
  2. Personal travel expenses (gas, lodging, food, etc.)

**There will be an additional per player cost for any teams that qualify for Super Y League National Finals in December of seasonal year**

What is the typical schedule and commitment required?

Liverpool FC International Academy Michigan teams will practice approximately twice per week, with each session lasting anywhere from 75-90 minutes. Training will begin in June following club tryouts. Most games will be played on weekends throughout June/ July, often at neutral sites (ex: South Bend, IN, Sylvania, OH or Fort Wayne, IN) with each team playing multiple games to reduce travel and expenses (ex: two games on a Saturday and one game on Sunday). Teams may play in-state opponents on weekdays. Most, if not all matches will be concluded by July 31st.

Where will training and games take place?

Training and home games will take place at Ultimate Soccer Arenas, Pontiac MI for the Central teams and U of M Mitchell Fields for the Ann Arbor teams.  

What are the North American Finals?

The Super Y-League North American Finals is regarded as one of the top youth soccer events in North America. It is a five-day tournament that includes more than 130 of the best U12 to U18 boys and girl’s soccer teams in the US and Canada. Teams qualify from their respective regions and face the best from throughout North America in a quest to become a National champion.

This event typically occurs in December at the world-renowned IMG Soccer Academy in Bradenton, FL. Liverpool FC International Academy Michigan teams that qualify for this event will be charged an additional fee to cover their coach's travel expenses and any pre-finals training costs at an indoor training location.

Currently our club holds 4 National Championship titles.  See our National Champions here

For more information regarding Liverpool FC International Academy- Michigan's Academy Super Y, please contact:

Daniel Price 
Lee Hudson