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A year ago we decided to move our 11-year-old son to the Liverpool program. For us the decision was simple, we wanted the best coaching and the most professionally run organization that utilizes a well-structured curriculum.

The results are clear, he has developed more in the past 12 months than he did in the three years prior. He enjoys the game again and is excelling at the sport. We couldn't be happier with the decision to move to Liverpool.

Jim & Lisa Rooney, 2005 Boys

I am so grateful that we made the decision to join the Liverpool Club and family. The integrity of the club and coaching staff is instilling the values that I want in my son, not only as a player but also as a person. He has learned hard work and dedication is rewarded and it truly isn't all about winning, it's how you play the game.

And, if you practice what you've been taught, winning is a natural outcome. In a world where it's all about winning, no matter what, the Liverpool Way is truly a better way.

Christine Kuehn, 2004 Boys

We have been of Liverpool FC - Ann Arbor for almost a year. In that time, we have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the club and our coaches. Our coach has done a great job coaching the boys to be better players and a better team. He does a great job holding the boys accountable without being heavy handed and he always manages to slip in a life lesson for the boys. My son has improved as a player, a teammate and is having FUN. That feels like the perfect trifecta for youth sports. I strongly recommend Liverpool to any and all interested players and parents.

Chad and Luci Fry, 2005 Boys

Overall, the experience has been extremely positive and, certainly, the best experience I have had in the 9 or so years that Bella has been playing. The club definitely lives up to its claim of being a “family club” with the focus on the players. This has been reinforced throughout the year by the little things, such as the gift from Liverpool FC mailed to the girls at Christmas and the Ladies Banquet to celebrate the girls in January. The administration and communication has been great and we get to say that we are a part of THE Liverpool Football Club. And this is before I mention the soccer aspect of the club. From the soccer point of view, we have been extremely pleased by Bella’s development. The "Liverpool Way” of playing out from the back with a focus on passing and understanding the game has allowed Bella to build on her strengths and focus on improving her weaknesses. The requirement to coach to a pre-defined plan means that there is consistency and continuity between sessions even if our coach had to miss a practice session. I was also pleased that the team was placed in a Division appropriate for their skill level, rather than in a higher Division simply for the prestige. They were challenged by better teams but remained in most games until the end, picking a few good results on the way, and the improvement across the year was visible.

Mark and Catherine O'Neil, 2000 Girls

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